Making yourself at-home isn’t always  a local pursuit. Places farther away have had their influence… none so more than Rome when it comes to the history of Europe.

So, its fascination remains – and I went there for the Rome Marathon and my review of the Suunto Kailash. A little adventuring and almost work, in other words.

The fascination remains, in the view from Castel Sant’Angelo…

… looking towards the Vatican…

St. Peters from Castel St. Angelo

… and following the Passetto di Borgo (the secret passageway connecting Castel St. Angelo with the Vatican)…

Passetto di Borgo

… to get on St. Peter’s Square…

… where, just a few hours before, I joined the lines…

In the line to St. Peter's Porta Sacra

… headed for the Porta Sancta, the Sacred Gate, only open during the Jubilee:

Roma San Pietro Porta Santa

The view inside was magnificent and awe-inspiring – even, if not more so, if you are not a believer, I find – as always…

Roma San Pietro Inside View

You could see that view in 360 degrees here; and I also took it in from above:

San Pietro View from Above

And then, of course, there was this:

Vatican - Swiss Guards

And this:

Selfie on St Peters Square

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