We had a phase of cold barreling into Europe straight down from Siberia (and Canada and the USA have seen “bomb cyclones,” as they are now popularly called).

With climate change, there’s a chance this will happen more often – and when things get bad, we won’t worry about fitness activities out in the cold.

Now, though, it makes for a good addendum to this advice here, to consider strong cold…

Stay inside ;)

One possibility when you encounter strong cold is to consider staying indoors. Yeah, that’s what too many people do, anyways, but there comes a point when you should follow the majority.

If it’s too cold, if you do not have the proper equipment and experience for the conditions, be careful.

Or Go Out, Dressed Right

The cold air, I just said recently, isn’t usually a problem – but when it gets into stronger freezing temperatures, then it does become one.
In a freeze, especially when wind is added to the mix, things can get very uncomfortable very quickly – and you need to be prepared if you want to go out.

Add Layers

In enough of a cold, you will want to add layers.

Layers that are closed enough so that wind and cold do not enter along gaps, but also loose enough that you get a nice layer of insulating air – or several of them.

My layers in the video above were (still only) a base layer, a windstopper shirt, and a windstopper jacket. And a winter version of the tights I pretty much always wear.
You could also consider taking an insulating (puffy) midlayer if you need more warmth.

Cover Up

The other part of dressing right is covering up.

In enough of a cold, you don’t just want to have sunglasses to protect your eyes, lip salve to protect your lips, a Buff to protect your throat and neck, a cap to cover head and ears.

There, you will want to either add more Buffs, a bit of a face mask (as I had above) or a full balaclava, whatever the conditions and your needs…

Stay close to home or indoors while you find out what your needs and abilities are, though; don’t just go far before you know…

That’s a big part of the fun of such training – and learning – though, that you can expand your range further with it.