So, you have found your Why of winter running? Or avoided it successfully in favor of the practical How and found your right clothing-microclimate balance?

Good job.

You should still consider another practical How when you are out there and on the move. How to run in terms of intensity, that is.

Winter running often holds one back, anyways.
In cold and wind, through snow and over ice, it is clear that this should not be the same as running in comfortable conditions.

It is worth saying, though:

Winter running is not the time and place for intense intervals.

Sure there are exceptions, there always are.

But in general, stick to low exertion.
You will want to move enough for the balance between heat you produce, warmth your clothing keeps in, and outside conditions, to work right (as discussed in our previous post).

You will not, however, want to overexert yourself while you still have miles to go in less-than-ideal conditions, build up a sweat and then get hypothermic.

Hold yourself back now, stick with base endurance building.
That can be difficult enough when the cold makes you work extra just to keep warm, let alone when you have to slog through snow that requires additional effort.

The time for speed-building intervals will come soon enough, once temperatures go up and everything gets easier.

There is still quite some time until then, to enjoy low-exertion sweatless running in the cold.