In the Spere LT Hoodie, the typically severe look of Veilance pieces such as the Gore-Tex Field Jackets meets a typically summerweight Terratex for a curious combination.

Personally, I was going back and forth with this piece for a bit.

Pros and Cons

The M65 / field jacket look of it is a style I like.

Terratex in this style is a bit odd; it could easily be too light for the pockets to work.

Boxy-relaxed as this jacket should be, my usual size M felt too wide.

A hood that is not stowable is not my favorite, either – and the description of Terratex as being made for protection against rain feels a bit questionable, too.

The non-hoodie version does not have the classic Field Jacket 4(/6)-pocket design and stand-up collar, though.

And then, there is the Moondust color which I liked the most – maybe.

Eventually, with the Spere LT in hand, in size S – or rather, not in-hand but on-body – I did not want to do without it.

Looks, Not Only

For true protection in summer (and definitely, spring and fall) rain, the Gore-Tex Deploy LT will definitely do a better job. The Spere LT is more for the look. But, not only.

Terratex pants have already served me extremely well through summers in Austria as well as in China. They have proven ideal for hot and humid temperatures (and what I can wear in such temperatures, I could wear in cooler temperatures as well, if need be).

Their low weight also makes them immensely packable and light.

Protective Lightness

The Spere LT Hoodie is not entirely as light. As a jacket, and in this cut, it requires more material and therefore becomes less light and packable.

Terratex isn’t all that great as protection against rain, in my experience. It does protect a bit and dry very quickly, though.

For the Spere LT, however, I find that less of a selling point, anyways.

(By now, I have used it quite a bit as the weather has been highly changeable, with cool mornings and hot evenings – if they haven’t been evenings or mornings with a drizzle. And the Spere LT Hoody is very nice for exactly these conditions, and protective enough in them, too.)

Terratex for the Win

The Spere LT Hoodie, however, uses the Terratex material to become a warm-temperature outerwear piece that combines properties that shouldn’t necessarily be combinable:


The cut is rather severe, minimalistic, with a touch of the military-inspired. (Of course, given the field jacket heritage.)

It is a piece, in this regard, to stand erect in and make a good figure, not be a slouch.

It is, at the same time, cut in a boxy, wide, relatively relaxed way.

For me, this meant that the size M had rather too much material around the midriff. Size S proved more slender, yet not much shorter, so that it fit me better.


The color, in the Moondust version, manages to be reminiscent enough of a military green, as well as a spook country grey, to fit into the aesthetic, into summer, into the nature-like colors of many a Veilance piece.

Travel Comfort

The feel, however, is one of protected comfort more than comfortable protection.

With the pockets – which do work for a few, not too heavy, not too bulky, things – the Spere LT Hoodie should work well as a travel piece, like the Field Overshirt does.

In moderate conditions, the protective properties of this jacket should be nice, as well.

The feel is rather one to snuggle into, and I can imagine this making the Spere LT Hoodie great for traveling in cool summers with a layer that helps on trains or planes and on cool evenings, in a light drizzle. All while looking sharp and feeling, actually, comfy.

Hygge comes to mind… but a very peculiar kind of it.