We go outside to enjoy nature… but let’s admit it , we enjoy more than just nature.

We already enjoy the look at new gear promising greater functionality.


Such as here, at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen trade fair… which will take place again in June

Function and the Jacket

Functional jackets are the core pieces of any preparation for the outdoors; they are the justification for the cliche that “There’s no bad weather, only bad gear.”

Functionality we are promised more and more:
From water resistance that is enough for downpours to breathability for strenuous activities.
From low weight and durability to innovation, right down to their working as wearables.


New views open up when working with a company such as Sympatex.

This maker of functional textiles invited a group of us Outdoor Blogger Network-bloggers and influencers to participate in a design hackathon for a Functional Jacket 4.0

Together with clothing designer Joe Stocker and extreme mountaineer and Greenpeace activist David Bacci, accompanied by the CEO of Sympatex Technologies, Dr. Rüdiger Fox, we will design such an outdoors jacket.

And it gets particularly interesting as Sympatex is working on more than just the usual questions of fashion and function.

We will not forget about those, but they have been working on truly environmentally-friendly technologies for a long time already.
This work includes PFC-free waterproof membranes, but goes far beyond those to cradle-to-cradle design and material flows.


It promises to be a very interesting two days in the Karwendel mountains – and I’ll report (have reported)  live from them.

In honor of this blog having finally gone bilingual, in English and German, most if not all of that reporting was in German, though.

Stay tuned to YouTube for that, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram for additional insights!

Update: Here are the impressions on YouTube, and I’ll update the playlist with an interview and when the jacket is shown at the Outdoor Friedrichshafen…