How my main camera is still a Sony RX100 MII, though it’s basically bent out of shape…

Lots of people have asked me how I make my marathon videos (with a Sony HDR-AZ1 action cam: tiny, but alright quality, with such a wide angle lens I can just hold it away from me and vlog away… but that’s a different story).

I have put a lot of thought into upgrading my camera equipment.

So, it comes at a good time that fellow outdoor blogger Astrid of OutsideA(n)dventure [in German] has called for a “blog parade”, basically for different blog(ger)s to write on the same topic and show their take on it.

My Main Camera: Sony RX100 MII

My story with the Sony RX100 has been a strange one.

I was among the first people who bought into that ‘system’ when it came out, with the first version of that camera.

I was pretty definitely among the first people who managed to have their camera disappear on them, and that while outdoors… on the Hong Kong Trail, back in 2013, no less.

A View from the Hong Kong Trail

A View from the Hong Kong Trail

Having already had good experiences (otherwise…) with it, and with the Mark II only just released, I used the opportunity of lower prices in Hong Kong to immediately replace the lost camera.

Outdoors, with an RX100?!

It was and is not an outdoor camera, and that has sometimes shown.

Among other things, I can still play the scene of how I dropped the camera on some rocks on the path to the Höllkogel (and saw it leisurely retract the lens, because the drop sensor was active, while already lying there on the ground) in my mind.

Sunrise Watching

Sunrise Watching at the Höllkogel

I’m not sure anymore, but I think that even came only after the camera failed on me while I was trying to take pictures of the Ötscher with it, carrying it around on Day 1 of the Ötscher Ultra.

After that, when I had the display tilted out while taking a picture, then let it flip back in to the camera body, the camera turned itself off and didn’t save the photo.

My RX100 (II), Today

By now, the lens barrel is dented a bit, the camera seems to be bent a little and the covering on the bottom partly broke off.

The ring around the lens cannot be turned far, let alone easily, anymore.

“Image Database Error” messages have become regular occurrences when I try to view the photos in-camera.

And the camera works rather better again.

The problem with having the screen tilted out and pushing it back has disappeared.

Canal at Night 2

Venice Canal at Night 2

So, this RX100 has seen a lot, and more importantly, I have taken more than a lot of good (and mediocre) pictures with it.

It has even led me to thinking more, much more, about photography as a #GetAtHome practice.

I fear that it will completely break down soon and suddenly, but it still hasn’t.

Why I’m Staying…

Aside from the fear of a sudden break-down, I’d also really like to get a bit more serious with my photography and vlogging.

Full frame would be great. 4K video recording…

… but, few cameras offer such a good mix of capability and portability as the RX100.

The RX1R (II) would be a fascination, but limited through its one lens and not offering 4K video. Its Mark I could be got “cheap” right now, but be even worse in several respects (and hardly future-proofing it).

Newer RX100 models are nice, but I’m not a sports photographer, so their faster burst shooting wouldn’t be for me and the prices are high enough that they give me pause (especially as I’d really like a bigger sensor and the price difference isn’t so great, then).

Anything better/bigger is easily too big.
The a7 series (in its Mark II) would be very interesting, but here things get so expensive yet again, especially with the glass (i.e., lenses – which also make the camera big, in most configurations).

The Best Camera Is the One You Already Own

When a camera costs so much that I could, for the same sum, get a cheaper camera and a flight to Japan, I’m not really tempted (especially given that it would draw down my accounts by quite a sum).

And of course, the RX100 M2 that I have still works, still serves me well, so far… and I don’t have to care for it quite as much as I would have to if I had a new camera.

All the talk of bigger sensors and what-not is somewhat moot, anyways, when all the photos just end up on the blog, Instagram and Facebook, and therefore get compressed quite far.

Thus, I’m still running with the same RX100 M2. The one I have. Oftentimes, literally running.

Until it completely breaks down, when I have no idea what I’ll do then.