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Example Network of Twitter Followers

“Great Content,” Snowballs in Social Media Hell

At what point, under what conditions, does an idea’s spread take on a life of its own?
(And, is it really worth anything much to have an idea/brand snowball, or is it just the proverbial snowball in hell?)

Online marketing, ever since the rise of social media networks, has been looking for messages that would go viral; blogging seems all about the greatness of content, as measured by number of readers, likes, and shares; photoquotes are obviously the way to go on Facebook, for they get liked and shared…

You must see this!” has become the currency of the social media realm – and it may well not be worth anything much. Not even out of a disdain for succinct statements or because of worries about shortening attention spans…

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Run in the Cold

Long Running – and Still With a t6-series Suunto

Run in the ColdMy return to Austria gave me pause, for example seeing how many pieces of running clothes I thought I had, and actually do have.
It also provided a chance to test some new equipment, the Suunto Quest sports/training instrument. Having something new to try out had the interesting side-effect of making me all the more aware of the old and trusted…

Given how much being at home somewhere – not least, with stuff, in our bodies and in our environment – is a matter of how we deal with that stuff, view and treat our bodies, live in the places we are, outdoor sports and equipment is an issue I pay great attention to.

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