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“Drifting” through Shinjuku & Shibuya, Tokyo – Blade Runner Parkland

Tokyo, on my arrival and first days, presented itself as a megalopolis from high up, that felt like a collection of villages on the ground.
Back again, with the Autumn Festival taking place in the Meiji Shrine park and with the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku and Shibuya, it was parkland – and Blade Runner.

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Tokyo, die Dorf-Megastadt

Tokyo. Die Megastadt. Urbane Agglomeration, Heimat von Millionen Menschen, ununterbrochene Landschaft…
Man muss nur auf den Tokyo Skytree für den Blick aus der Ferne, und das ist leicht zu sehen.

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Tokyo, the Village Megalopolis

Tokyo. The megalopolis. An urban agglomeration, home to millions of people, unbroken cityscape…
Go up the Tokyo Skytree for the view from a distance, and you can easily see that.

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Tokyo Skytree and the Distant View

Tokyo can only really be understood, or at least felt, on the ground and intimately.

For even beginning to get a grasp on this megalopolis, though, it helps to get a view from afar – and the prime spot for that is the Tokyo Skytree.

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