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A map is not the reality, but...

Not Seeking Adventure, Circling the City

Only too many seek comfort and convenience, many seek excitement and experiences – and in light of all the great adventures of yonder and now, it seems like you are destined to seek and fail.

Where to find the money? How to handle other responsibilities? Why even bother when it won’t be the greatest story of recent memory?

The fact is, if you seek adventure, you are doing it wrong. You need to live adventure.

This is particularly true because it is easy nowadays to hunt after adventurous experiences in exotic locales, and end up skimming merely the surface of that tourist endeavor, doing just the same as everyone else there. At the same time, adventure can be lived in your backyard – and you will find what you are capable of, and get a new perspective on the place where you are.

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Suunto Quest Black

A (Suunto) Quest in the Cloud [Review]

Quite a while after the release of the t6 and its gradual updates (to t6c and t6d) – which I think are reason to like Suunto in these tough times – it’s about time a new sports instrument oriented (more) towards the top users came out. Witness the Quest, the latest in Suunto‘s lineup of training instruments… Following my interest in (good things for) running – after all, a good way of making oneself “at home” – I’m presenting an in-depth Suunto Quest review, based on a few months of testing it:

Suunto Quest Black

Suunto Quest Black

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