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Quit Advertising, Answer Questions – Companies and Social Media Conversation

Advertising, PR, and all that, continues to be big business. More money seems to be spent (percentage-wise) on a product’s marketing than on its development, let alone manufacture (e.g. with the iPhone…). PR has even been reaching into politics and international diplomacy, where spin doctors and experts in “nation branding” roam.

Meanwhile, even as online marketing is trying to target its audiences ever more exactly and bring that same personalization into the public (think Minority Report), many a customer is getting better at simply ignoring the onslaught of ad messages. (When was the last time you really noticed one of the ads on Facebook?).

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Be a Good Company, Or Else – Intersections of Social Media, Public Opinion, and Market Success

In recent times, we have been witnessing social media become a force of change.

Dictators have been toppled; at least one autocratic government (even as it strongly censors messages) keeps reacting to the public sentiment expressed via social networking services; Americans are wondering what’s really up with the Occupy Wall Street protests, but they are pointing discussions in a different direction, at least.

Having seen the impact that social media have on purchasing decisions in China, knowing of the same from ‘the West’, working on my own little campaign for better living – “for yourself and, incidentally, for ‘the planet,’ too” – with the ecology of happiness, I wonder what we may yet see happen in regards to ‘the economy.’

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