As the winter is at its peak, China experiences a mass migration compared to which even the great migration of peoples is but a shadow. The trek home for a family reunion at Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is one of those things that have to be experienced, and which are pertinent reminders of cultural values.

Here at university, the importance is easily apparent.
In contrast to Europe and the USA, where spring break is also important, but has nothing to do with that “family” festival of Christmas (let alone New Year’s), Chinese students’ spring break can end up being as long as summer break; it is the time for family reunion in celebration of the new year, and marks much more of a turning point in the annual cycle.
A small sign of that is how students can get train tickets to get back home a bit more easily than others. This is what we can see in the “20 sec China” video: As the local train station is not in operation now, ticket booths were opened on campus itself.

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