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Shanghai: Two Views of the Bund – and of Selfies

Sooner or later, whether you are a tourist or a travel blogger, you will end up in the same places as everyone else.

There are some misgivings about that, many complaints (especially now that selfies are being taken everywhere), various philosophical discussions – but also good reasons.

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Shanghai: Tale of Two Towers

Shanghai, a place to see what China has become and perhaps wants to become, and what China is, for the most part, not. At least, not yet.

What China is not, for the most part, but Shanghai is: The Shanghai most visible is that rising back forward to glory days, drawing on the allure of its past and combining it with a new drive.

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Shanghai: Of Temples and Tangbao

Shanghai is a particularly popular place for people to go and then tell you that they have seen China.
If not to tell you that they have seen the future, and it is China.

In large part, however, Shanghai is not China.

What is most visible in that city has roots in Chinese drive and motivations, but it is as representative of the whole as if you took 5th Avenue New York and put it forth as the USA.

There are connections, though, and they are nicely found in the temples I decided to visit and let you know about.

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20 sec China, Ep.2: Shanghai Turnpikes

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