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Starry Night's View

Over One Night, Over the Tauern Mountains – To the Ultramarathon of Life

At times, it’s good to follow in other’s footsteps… and then, to learn and do better.

Making a hobby of ultramarathon-like activities is a strange matter. Crazy to the ones who don’t do such things, they are likely to be too short, too slow, for those who want to see truly extreme feats of endurance.

A little extreme I may have become, though. For it was just four days after the previous, quickly aborted, look at whether it would still be possible to do the Glocknerrunde this year that I decided to head right back there…

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Clouds Driven Up the Mountain

Backtracking from the Grossglockner

The Suunto Ambit2 (my tool of choice for an exploratory lifestyle to get at home) gets trackback – and sometimes, the power you need most is that to turn right back around…

My plans for this year’s running had included quitting with races and just going for runs on some hiking tracks that would circle around interesting places.

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Forest Road

3 in 30: 3 Ultramarathons, 30 Days

You don’t try, you’ll never know.

Running has taken over a lot of my life. Or actually, I still hardly run more than three times a week on average, but it has become a major way of living, and a lesson for, the exploratory way of life I seek to live and promote. And thus, it has taken over this blog.

With this lack (of training) and that surfeit (of run-writing), running 3 ultramarathons in the course of 30 days seemed a somewhat dangerous, if not simply unlikely, proposition.

I wanted to know, though. So, I tried – and interestingly, it worked out. Worked out better than expected, in fact.

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Dolomite Landscape

3 in 30, the 2nd: Lavaredo Ultra Trail

The unexpected happens, plans change – and it’s all good at home in the world as it is.

Three weeks after the 2-day/stage Ötscher-Ultra, we – three runner friends and I – made our way to Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites, Italy, for the The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2013.

It was to be the longest and most adventurous pre-summer race (not counting Istria), with 118 km distance, 5500 m of altitude gain, and a 11 pm start… but it was not to be like that.

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Alpannonia: Semmering, Still from Above

Ascension, Alone Along the Alpannonia…

Seeking adventure, you need to stop seeking and start moving.

It’s something I’m still learning myself, in many a context…

As I was ‘thinking up’ plans for this year’s running, a friend mentioned the Alpannonia hiking trail connecting the Alps and the Pannonian plains.

I live, more or less, on said plains, in the flatlands of “alpine” Austria’s East; now I also had the incentive of wanting to put the new Suunto Ambit2 through its paces, and with this year’s main official race I will participate in, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, exactly 50 days away, Ascension Day seemed the perfect time to just get out and moving, doing some ascending of my own.

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