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Mountain Overnighter Therapy: When Every Step Counts

People keep saying that outdoors experiences are as good as therapy for one’s mental health. And wonder why people would climb mountains while putting great athletes on pedestals.

Where does that leave a normal person with some outdoors interests, but no particular inclination to do anything noteworthy for others?

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20 Seconds China: Jiubujiang Nights

Having just talked of outdoors/roadside living in China, let’s also go for a video impression from a small-town Chinese summer’s night…

Roadside Living – Outdoors Impressions in China

It is an oft-repeated trope that life in China (as in many a tropical and/or less developed country, but also in Southern Europe, for example) tends to happen “on the street,” using the curbside as an extended living room, much more than life in most of Europe, let alone the USA (unless one counts the drive-thru and the strip mall, perhaps).

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Running Alpine Paths

Run the Planet, Ruin the World?

Trail running. Mountain ultramarathons. As you may have noticed (considering what I’ve been writing on all year), I find these activities to be among the greatest examples of an exploratory way of life.

It’s getting outdoors, getting into and doing something positive for the bodies we are, coming home in movement that lets all thought ebb away even as it carries to a deeper understanding of selves and locations. It’s so much.

It’s also a reason for and result of a love of wild nature – just what so many argue we’d need more of, in order to love and protect the world.

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