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Bivy on the Sarstein

Sleeping High under a Blood(less) Moon

So, there was that “super moon” and “blood moon,” and I felt like adventuring under the moon again.

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Jiankou Great Wall Sunset Blend 2

The Other Side from the Sun on the Wild Great Wall

We seem to have become a partly nocturnal species.

So many people who work into the dark hours; so many more who party into or even through nights; so much we do these wee hours.

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Night Running (and the Petzl Nao)

Finally – and yes, in keeping with the spirit of cycles to call home, this is a “finally” – it is that time of year again when the exploratory running becomes more challenging, and  circles often run become more unusual again, all thanks to winter’s lack of sunlight. (And strictly speaking, this is not even winter yet…)

So, I headed out recently

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