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Run in the Cold

Long Running – and Still With a t6-series Suunto

Run in the ColdMy return to Austria gave me pause, for example seeing how many pieces of running clothes I thought I had, and actually do have.
It also provided a chance to test some new equipment, the Suunto Quest sports/training instrument. Having something new to try out had the interesting side-effect of making me all the more aware of the old and trusted…

Given how much being at home somewhere – not least, with stuff, in our bodies and in our environment – is a matter of how we deal with that stuff, view and treat our bodies, live in the places we are, outdoor sports and equipment is an issue I pay great attention to.

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Run in the Cold

Running with All Seasons – CW-X Stuff and The Other Side of Adaptation

In my last post, I used the simplistic metric of the number of things as a measure of minimalism. It is a common misconception, though I’d say that it’s not totally wrong: a minimalism of a thousand pairs of shoes doesn’t sound quite right.

And those 7 pairs of CW-X running tights of mine?

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things (clothes) for running

Long Running… CW-X Stuff, Adaptation, and Value

Being at home somewhere typically implies that you have at least some things that are familiar, that you can call yours, around you – but also, that those same things become so mundane, they aren’t really noticed much anymore.

It’s just a fact of life, and part of the “faulty connections” we make about happiness, that we get used to new things quickly, adapt and never notice what we have, thinking it’s just normal.

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