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Literacies and Learning, Admiration and Inspiration

Recently, with all the running, I’ve also been finding an interest in inspiring books by endurance athletes, describing their personal story. Dean Karnazes has been in that circuit for a while already, Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run has only just been released, Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra came out a little while ago.

In a way, Tim Ferriss should be mentioned, as much as I dislike the self-promotion and adulation involved in his work – or is that life? –  as one person who’s not just into fitness, but also general learning, experiences, lifestyle – an exploratory lifestyle after a certain fashion, just not often with the deeper growth towards living in this world, deeply involved, rather than skimming over experiences. Still, even butting heads, he is an inspiration…

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The Exploratory Lifestyle – Setting Out to Become at Home

Joseph Rock on Horse, in YunnanThe age of adventure, the era of explorers – it all seems a thing of the past.

Now, the best you can do is action sports and extreme travel – but there’s a big difference: The earlier explorers didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into, and went to the white spots on the maps not just for the heck of it, but also to increase knowledge.
Or at least, that’s what also happened and was the reason given to their supporters…

These times seem far gone.

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Lifestyle Designer, Writer, Inspirational Speaker… Can I Just Be a Live-r?

It’s a strange world I’ve been falling into: people who track their life in order to quantify their self, who try to design their ideal lifestyle – and live it, too –, people who aim to be location-independent… and it’s oftentimes the same usual suspects one encounters again and again.

Before long, it also tends to be the same approach one seems to find over and over: “manifests” of just how they want to dominate the world, and change lives for the better, a desire to speak at TED, e-books and courses, and ideas to drive web traffic and build a following.

Oftentimes, what’s presented is presented as something new and fantastic – and if only you buy the book, follow the course, you can be all new and fantastic, too!

I’ve seen it before, though.

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