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LGT Alpin Marathon: Schloss Vaduz

Alps Adventuring: LGT Alpine Marathon, Liechtenstein

The LGT Alpine Marathon in Liechtenstein only came to my notice by chance.

It fit my aim to ‘adventure’ and #GetAtHome in the Alps by way of #microexploration perfectly, though.

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#PrincelyMoments. Outdoors Activities in Liechtenstein

Ever thought of going there for hiking and other outdoors activities?

Or do I need to ask if you’ve ever even heard or thought of Liechtenstein for anything? ;)

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Liechtenstein Welcome

#GetAtHome Goes Liechtenstein. First Impressions, First Connections


As one of Europe’s micro-states, and a principality, it seems a holdover from a time when city-states and fiefdoms were the usual political structures.
At the same time, in these times of people looking for leadership figures to give them a sense of security and local structures to give them a clear sense of belonging, maybe Liechtenstein is a symbol of a possible future?

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