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ISPO 2017 Roundup, Part 1: Garmin, Casio, TomTom, AxSys,…

Once again, the ISPO Munich was on.

Finally, I went there not just a random blogger who sorta-kinda works with brands willing to set him up with product samples, but as someone turning into a pro blogger looking for serious cooperations.

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ISPO 2016 Recap 3: Technical Men’s Wear

We are said to live in an information society and with an approaching Internet of Things, but our clothes aren’t so smart yet, and styles of dress often seem to have become less smart than they ever used to be.

And there, clothes have a major influence on how we feel, physically and psychologically, as well as on what we can do, in style and/or in comfort. The life at home in this world is also the enclothed life

So, something I wanted to look for at this year’s ISPO – which also has its own section dedicated to “sport style”, anyways – was clothing that suited the technical / performance men’s wear category. (And the Suunto Kailash I have been wearing for reviewing ;) )

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Kinematix Tune

ISPO 2016 Recap 2: Fitness and Connecting Tech

When it comes to the technological side of fitness things, I did not find much that was of the greatest interest at the ISPO 2016 – but maybe I, too, am just waiting on Suunto’s next move to the Ambit4 / post-Ambit.

Such connecting tech which links physiological insight into one’s bodily being, physical location on this world of ours, and ourselves is fascinating, but not when it’s all the same – and recently, at least when it comes to wearables, it has all become too similar.

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Salomon S-Lab XA Alpine

ISPO 2016 Recap 1: Running and Outdoors Gear

Our problem of not-quite-real, at-home, in-this-world, living is illuminated like it’s under a spotlight when going through a big trade show like the ISPO:
We have a fascination with new things and their promise, and they may make for more comfort and more opportunities in our pursuits – yet it’s all just stuff of a somewhat similar kind, so what will really turn out to be good gear will only be seen in its use, over time… when other things will beckon.

This year’s ISPO 2016, I also made things a bit more complicated for myself because I went looking not only for products meant for outdoors use, especially trail running and mountain adventures, but also for technical/performance men’s wear, with a touch of ‘connecting tech’ thrown in for good measure (literally, one could say…).

After all, it takes all that to really live in this world – style and function, adventures and recovery.

So, Part 1: Running and outdoors gear…

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ISPO Munich 2015… Peaks in The Sea of Things

Sports should be among the best practices that make us – or really, through which we make ourselves – more at home, as bodies, in environments, with good things.

That’s why running has come to play such a big role on these pages…

But of course, sports can also be distracting, making us go for just the greatest of excitement and to little depth, especially when we get adrift in the sea of things and trends clamoring for purchase and to be put to use.

As you can see from the recent expansion into advice on the Suunto Ambit’s best use and reviews of select technical menswear, I have decided to help navigate this sea of stuff even more than before and find the peaks of interesting products that I find recommendable, usually through longer-term personal use.

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ISPO 2014 Fashion Show

Talking Good Gear, ISPO Munich Winter 2014

Talking exploratory everyday and adventure in the average life is talking for being over buying. Yet, some of the thoughts have been pushed forward by gear, and good gear makes the enjoyment of the outdoors and the readiness for adventure in the everyday much higher…

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