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On the Hong Kong Trail (Dragon's Back)

The Other Side of Hong Kong Island

In Hong Kong, and with Hong Kong Island in particular, the view of the skylines across the harbor and the crush of people among the canyons constructed by all the high-rise buildings are just too attention-grabbing.

One could almost miss that there are peaks above these towers, some of them with yet more apartments rising along their flanks, but some also green.

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Hong Kong Island Skyline at Night

Trouble on the Hong Kong Trail

If there are no pictures shared online, did it really happen?

The question tends to be asked jokingly, making fun of both the philosophical pondering about the sound of a falling tree in a forest when no one’s around to hear it and of the contemporary oversharing on social media, but it recently got more relevant in my own exploratory lifestyle.

We went to Hong Kong on the way to visit my wife’s family in China. As the runner I have been working to become, living exploratorily and making myself at home where I get, measured in steps, I was attracted to the Hong Kong Trail.

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