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Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence, Italy, Travel Advice: The Must-Sees and the Overlooked

You can’t go to Florence and not see the Duomo, but how and why should you see and do what?

Here are my recommendations for things to see and places to be in Florence, Italy, looking at the must-sees and the overlooked in the middle of it (beyond the street art I posted before):

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A Renaissance of a Run: The Firenze Marathon

Venice was already a city of classical art, if not one of even more historical commerce, to run in.

Florence is the peak of all that.

And where the Venice Marathon provides a good reason to visit that city, but starts quite far outside of it, the Florence Marathon (now in its 33rd edition) started right from the heart of it all, and winds its way back and forth from there in several loops…

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Art in Florence’s Urban Canvas

You go to Firenze (Florence), Italy, even to run in a marathon, one of the reasons you’ll go is the art (and the food, and perhaps the language).

Having been to Florence already a few times, and with the city’s must-see sights such as the Duomo and the Uffizi Galleries thronging with tourists, I just walked and kept my eyes open.

And beside the official high art of the Renaissance, there was quite a bit of modern public interpretation of art – and signs of Tuscan/Florentine commercial tradition – I had never before noticed, but saw now.

Ah, the things we miss if we only rush to the things that are a must-see…

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