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Everyday Life’s Lessons…

…, Or: The Best Habit Is a Tool

Convenience. It is our time’s great guideline. And it’s what makes us live ever more on this world, like tourists just visiting, rather than truly at home in this world.

Even “lifehackers,” who seem the best example of

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Suunto Ambit

The Ambit of an Exploratory Lifestyle

“I’m not impressed.”

It is easily the ugliest modern attitude that gets expressed by this phrase. As an attempt at coolness and aloofness that does not result in any of the freedom that a certain distance from the humdrum world could provide, it is nothing but proving that you are not really engaged in this world, at home.

Life, and especially in these times, is amazing.

We have modern technology making things possible that people have, for the longest time, hardly even dreamed about. We still have so much diversity on this planet, both natural and cultural. We can do so many things, learn about so much, and so easily.

But then, that may be just the problem.

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The Exploratory Lifestyle – Setting Out to Become at Home

Joseph Rock on Horse, in YunnanThe age of adventure, the era of explorers – it all seems a thing of the past.

Now, the best you can do is action sports and extreme travel – but there’s a big difference: The earlier explorers didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into, and went to the white spots on the maps not just for the heck of it, but also to increase knowledge.
Or at least, that’s what also happened and was the reason given to their supporters…

These times seem far gone.

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