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The Other Side of Chinese Relationships

So much can be heard about social issues in China – about China itself, in fact – it can feel as if the country and its people are, in all their oddities, becoming ever more familiar.

In talking about relationships, for example, one commonly hears about two sides: Men who get rich and find themselves a mistress as one of the pinnacles of luxury consumption; and women who are practical and seemingly go looking for condo, cash, car rather than really seek a consort for their life.

It seems strange, it seems fascinating – and it hides real understanding.

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Great Emptiness?

Karate Kid Goes China, I wonder

They say that, if you sit by the river long enough, you’ll see your enemy’s body float by… checking out the trailer, it looks like some corpses get re-animated, though:
After a dumbfounded but fascinated Westerner went on a fantastic journey to a mythological China (in “Forbidden Kingdom“), now – 26 years after the original – a new Karate Kid makes his way to China.

I have to admit to a fascination with rather simple-minded movies, sometimes I will go so far as to hold the likes of Karate Kid or Kung Fu (the TV series) responsible for setting me on the path that led me here.
High theory be damned; shallow movies and TV series can be fun and they tell the world more – and more about the world, I sometimes think. They are certainly received better than high-brow theories.

So, let’s have a look…

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