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The 3 Ways of Social Media (Marketing)

Social media are all the rage, every company seems to be getting onto Facebook and other social networks to interact with customers and find potential new recruits – and, transfixed by the new technology, the developments that are currently bringing about changes are misunderstood.

Some companies have not yet arrived in the present world of social media contacts, most companies and people have not yet come around to an understanding of what living in this world, especially ecologically, means.

In effect, there are now three different ways of corporate social interaction, from the social media strategies that amount to nothing much more than standard marketing using additional channels, via the social businesses that try to realize they actually consist of people, to the socialization of businesses as constructive members of societies (which still tends to be more of a hope and proposal for future success than a reality).

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Google+ Pages and Brand Socialization

Brands have been clamoring to get on the social media bandwagon. They are, by and large, still lagging behind, still misunderstanding why their conversation partners (not just customers, but also potential employees, ‘brand ambassadors’, etc.) actually engage with them – and today’s launch of Google+ pages has the potential to leave slow brands, as well as ordinary social marketing experts, even further in the dust.Google+

The stand-out feature that makes me think so is the inclusion of video hangouts, along with circles, also on the Pages.

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Quit Advertising, Answer Questions – Companies and Social Media Conversation

Advertising, PR, and all that, continues to be big business. More money seems to be spent (percentage-wise) on a product’s marketing than on its development, let alone manufacture (e.g. with the iPhone…). PR has even been reaching into politics and international diplomacy, where spin doctors and experts in “nation branding” roam.

Meanwhile, even as online marketing is trying to target its audiences ever more exactly and bring that same personalization into the public (think Minority Report), many a customer is getting better at simply ignoring the onslaught of ad messages. (When was the last time you really noticed one of the ads on Facebook?).

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