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At Home. As Your (Bodily) Self.

I recently went in for lactate testing, and it’s an object lesson in how “my” issues come together. After all, in all the talk about learning to be “at home” somewhere, in spite of all the obsession about health, fitness, diet, and looks, we somehow still manage to forget the very basics: we are always in a location, because we are physical beings. We are our bodies.

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"Room Service" of a Different Sort

Being Bodies in China

We tend to forget it, and only get reminded when we feel sore or when something’s wrong, but of course we are bodily beings. Even with all the complications that have come to surround gender, let alone sexual orientation, it would appear to be a basic fact of life that we are also (predominantly) either male or female.

As far as facts of life go, that should be obvious. What we make of such biological facts, however, can be very different, and have great influence in intercultural interaction.

Just take the usual encounter between Chinese and others.

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