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The Paleo-Living Balance of Us Bodies

As much attention as “paleo” has received as the latest fad diet, the people who are looking into its basic tenet as a guide to what a human is meant to experience – how we are to live, not just to eat – are much fewer.

It may be understandable only too easily.

Do you want us to go back to the Stone Age?!?” is a popular reaction to e.g. environmentalists’ calls for degrowth and to remember lessons from earlier times, after all – and surely we wouldn’t want to literally live like cavemen.

That said, if you believe that maybe we are not physiologically well-adapted to eating modern foodstuffs (yet), it is all the more likely that we are not adapted to many other modern conditions.

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Ways We Are Not ‘at home’ 3: Not Being the Bodies We Are…

It is one of the great things about us that we have such a rich life of the mind.

Sure, we may be misled by it, ending up fighting over ideologies when we’d really much rather get along, falling victim to stories we tell ourselves of how life is, other people were, and we ourselves are… “You’re Not So Smart” (both book and podcast) is an excellent resource on that.

But, we can also learn. Beyond the abilities of all other animals, we can imagine, anticipate, ponder, and study things.

In thinking about ourselves and our minds, however, we keep talking of “our bodies” as something separate from the brain, and completely different from the mind.

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Object Lessons in (Non-)Sexist Behavior

Better to be looked over than overlooked?

Discussions about sexism, feminism, rape culture, what-not, have been raging, rhetoric gets as heated as opinions get strong – but there’s a fundamental disconnect.

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Withings Body Scale Dashboard

Everyday Fitness: It’s Not Your Weight

Wrong ideas with quite some truth to them make the best excuses. The issue of body types and their influence on weight is easily one of the best examples:

You are just skinny, I’m just more heavily built.
So, you burn it all quickly, I just put on weight…

One-size-fits-all suggestions of an ideal weight for a certain height do fail to take body type and fitness into account, but blaming weight (and/or fitness) problems on nothing but body type is just too easy a way out.

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Heart Rate and Road

Quotidian Fitness: Being “At Home In…” One’s Body

Heart Rate and RoadHome is where the heart is? Last time I checked, that’s still in the chest – but oftentimes, we don’t even notice that we are a body, unless there is some problem.
That phrasing alone may strike you as odd, for we usually talk about our bodies as something we have, not something we are – it is “my body,” not “me.”

Arguing from the perspective of biological materialism, though, it is very clear that we are our bodies: what we eat can influence how we feel and how we act (far beyond merely feeling good or bad), there are signs that benign parasitic infection could account for some cultural traits, and brain damage can clearly change a person fundamentally.

Even in simpler regards, like with food and fitness, things are problematic – and full of potential.

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