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The Paleo-Living Balance of Us Bodies

As much attention as “paleo” has received as the latest fad diet, the people who are looking into its basic tenet as a guide to what a human is meant to experience – how we are to live, not just to eat – are much fewer.

It may be understandable only too easily.

Do you want us to go back to the Stone Age?!?” is a popular reaction to e.g. environmentalists’ calls for degrowth and to remember lessons from earlier times, after all – and surely we wouldn’t want to literally live like cavemen.

That said, if you believe that maybe we are not physiologically well-adapted to eating modern foodstuffs (yet), it is all the more likely that we are not adapted to many other modern conditions.

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The Nature and Technology of Running


One of the great things about running is that it’s part of our nature.

Human beings are made to be, maybe even evolved as, runners. (If you’d rather just walk, not a problem. Driving is not our natural state of being, though.) When a baby makes its first steps, we notice that it’s a rather special form of motion, but quickly manage to forget about it. It becomes easy – and you need almost nothing to go running. Just your own two feet.

Or not. Looking at all the special equipment offered, it could appear like one needed a whole lot of things. Even if you are into running, let alone if not, it might surprise you just how much stuff has been developed for that simple activity: Running shoes, of course – in great diversity. Running clothing. Heart rate monitors, speed & distance monitors, training computers, GPS systems.

It’s become the perfect example of the difficult balance we need for better lives, to come to be truly at home in this world…

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