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20 Seconds China: Fortune Telling

The impression is from last summer, but between Western New Year and Chinese Spring Festival (which also marks the end of an old and the beginning of a new year), it seems the appropriate time.

Where ‘the West’ celebrates in various ways, but generally public and loud, China gets more familiar but even louder – Spring Festival/ChunJie is the largest annual human migration of the world because it is the most important of all special days in the Chinese calendar, when even extended families may try and come together, parents infamously torment their grown-up children with questions about their marriage prospects or even try to set them up as they see fit. No wonder hopes and fears for the new year are great, and people do what they can to find out or influence what it will bring…


20 Seconds China: Market Malunderstanding

This is not the product you are looking for…

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20 Seconds China: Jiubujiang Nights

Having just talked of outdoors/roadside living in China, let’s also go for a video impression from a small-town Chinese summer’s night…

20 Seconds China: JiuBuJiang Market

Even as supermarkets are proliferating in China, with those in the “first-tier” cities surpassing the selection in all but the best, most international, of supermarkets in Europe, daily food shopping in many a part of China is still done at small, local, barely covered, markets. They are, taking a closer look (as we’ll do over on ChiliCult), great illustrations of the force that is at the root of China’s economic reforms and opening: the farmers and their enterprise.

In these few seconds, one of the markets in JiuBuJiang, my wife’s hometown:

20 Seconds China: A Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong’s A Symphony of Lights is rather too touristy for the “at home-r,” not to mention of dubious value when seen from an environmental perspective – but it’s still a part of modern China, illustrative of the rise that is happening and desired. Kinda pretty, too.

20 Seconds China: Bugle Call

I started that little video series, 20 Seconds China, towards the beginning of my eventually 3-year stay in the country, then quit. Recently, I discovered some “lost” videos I hadn’t uploaded. Now, after this summer’s stay, it’s time to resume…

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20 Seconds China, The Lost Videos

Try to show it, learn to see…

Getting back to China had me return to the “20 Seconds China” video impressions I had been producing before. With a return a few years later, with new gear, it was just too tempting, and while traveling can provide insights – or not, looking around a place and trying to see is different again.

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20 sec China, Ep. 12: Changing Land

Looking off campus, over some of the small fields mentioned here, towards a hill which is now being leveled… It’s too much of a cliché, but change is constant in China.

20 sec China, Ep. 11: Class Migration

Back on campus, back to “20 sec China”… This time, just a quick impression of the “migration” of students in between classes, from classroom to classroom. If this already seems to give a view of the masses of students at a university in China, wait for what’s to come…
Still, it is a sign of the upwards mobility of China and Chinese.

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