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My Body, the Astra-Zeneca COVID Vaccine, and Health Tracking

At the beginning of March, I got my first shot of the much-discussed Astra-Zeneca vaccine – and it was a great chance to compare between personal feeling and…

Don’t Let Your Watch Teach You Bad Navigation Habits

The tools we use shape us. One aspect of sports/outdoors watches in which I have noticed this a lot is when it comes to navigation.

The Suunto 7 as Microexploration Tool

For my approach of microexploration – looking closer, learning more, getting at home in this world – I have been finding some of the disadvantages and problems of…

Veilance Deploy LT (Vapor)

For Veilance, the Deploy LT jacket of the spring/summer 2021 season is a very peculiar piece, particularly in the off-white Vapor color.

Look Closer at China… by Lego?: Spring Lantern Festival

Yuanxiaojie, the Lantern Festival, marks the end of the Chinese New Year / Spring Festival time. This year, there was no way for me to be there –…

Rab Phantom Pull-On: Weather Protection for all the Skyline

In the Phantom Pull-On, Rab has created a peculiar ultra-lightweight option in their Skyline (mountain, trailrunning) line.

Veilance Haedn LT: Summer Suiting in High-Performance Wool

With the Haedn blazer, Veilance went for a look much more like standard, good, menswear. The silhouette is still much cleaner, much more minimalistic, than most of fashion….

Social Media Is Not Your Participation in the Public Sphere

Democracy, the way its story is told in the mythology of Western civilization, began with the Athenian agora. The marketplace. Only here, people didn’t just trade goods, they…

Biology, Life’s Fragility – and Its Affirmation

Having learned more and more of biology has made me fairly anxious. Getting older isn’t helping, either.