… in run-photography fashion, with the wolves sculptures by Liu Ruowang in front of Palazzo Pitti.

When I last visited Florence, this piece of public art was installed there – and I could not resist a bit of fun with it, on a morning run.

Whispering in a Wolf(Sculpture)'s Ear

After all, how often do you get to whisper into an attacking wolf’s ear?

Or to run with them?

Running with Wolves

Or, thanks to a little photo composition magic, to become a pack of runners in that sculptural pack of wolves?

Wolfpack Runnerpack

This public art installation is a very particular piece of fun, treated this way – and of course, many visitors here treat it playfully.

It could, with all the snarling and pre-attack poses, be reminiscent of all the stories of the big bad wolf that are still so close to the surface of our minds.

Not least whenever there are sightings of wolves in the Alps, when people talk about the re-introduction of such “predators,” such views immediately come up.

Meanwhile, the actual intent behind it is a very different one:

The threatening pack of wolves … is an allegory of nature’s response to the ravages and predatory behavior of man towards environment. And it is, at the same time, a reflection on the values of civilization, on the great uncertainty in which we live today – made even more evident by the dramatic effects of covid-19 – and on the actual risks of an irreversible annihilation of the current world, apparently devoted to self-destruction.


Quite a bit of wildness here. Not just selfies ;)