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Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence, Italy, Travel Advice: The Must-Sees and the Overlooked

You can’t go to Florence and not see the Duomo, but how and why should you see and do what?

Here are my recommendations for things to see and places to be in Florence, Italy, looking at the must-sees and the overlooked in the middle of it (beyond the street art I posted before):

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Art in Florence’s Urban Canvas

You go to Firenze (Florence), Italy, even to run in a marathon, one of the reasons you’ll go is the art (and the food, and perhaps the language).

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Sunset in Venice 2

An Afternoon in Venice

St. Peters from Castel St. Angelo

Rome During The Jubilee

Making yourself at-home isn’t always  a local pursuit. Places farther away have had their influence… none so more than Rome when it comes to the history of Europe.

So, its fascination remains – and I went there for the Rome Marathon and my review of the Suunto Kailash. A little adventuring and almost work, in other words.

The fascination remains, in the view from Castel Sant’Angelo…

… looking towards the Vatican…

St. Peters from Castel St. Angelo

… and following the Passetto di Borgo (the secret passageway connecting Castel St. Angelo with the Vatican)…

Passetto di Borgo

… to get on St. Peter’s Square…

… where, just a few hours before, I joined the lines…

In the line to St. Peter's Porta Sacra

… headed for the Porta Sancta, the Sacred Gate, only open during the Jubilee:

Roma San Pietro Porta Santa

The view inside was magnificent and awe-inspiring – even, if not more so, if you are not a believer, I find – as always…

Roma San Pietro Inside View

You could see that view in 360 degrees here; and I also took it in from above:

San Pietro View from Above

And then, of course, there was this:

Vatican - Swiss Guards

And this:

Selfie on St Peters Square

All of which reminds me: You are more than welcome to follow me on Instagram. Where things are often much more boring than even this here, just as the normal life at-home becomes – even as it also becomes more real and better ;)

Runs, Races, Trails: Rome Marathon RunSeeing

Home, and Rome…

I’m a bit farther away, but it is one of the capitals of one of the neighboring countries, so there are connections.

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