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A Renaissance of a Run: The Firenze Marathon

Venice was already a city of classical art, if not one of even more historical commerce, to run in. Florence is the peak of all that. And where…

Art in Florence’s Urban Canvas

You go to Firenze (Florence), Italy, even to run in a marathon, one of the reasons you’ll go is the art (and the food, and perhaps the language).

Running through the Venice Marathon

Just a week after the wild running experience at the Helsinki City Trail, during the Suunto Summit, it was time for another one of those little adventurings: Overnight…

An Afternoon in Venice

#SuuntoSummit: Helsinki City Trail, Finnish Nature

One of the things I very much like about running is how much of an exploratory activity it can be. I’d still say that you shouldn’t travel to…

Rome During The Jubilee

Making yourself at-home isn’t always  a local pursuit. Places farther away have had their influence… none so more than Rome when it comes to the history of Europe….

Runs, Races, Trails: Rome Marathon RunSeeing

Home, and Rome… I’m a bit farther away, but it is one of the capitals of one of the neighboring countries, so there are connections.

A Weekend in Zürich, An Earth-Shaking Birthday

Travel makes you a better person, they say. Traveling, in my opinion, should be something that makes you more at home in this world. Which, contrary to what…

3 in 30, the 2nd: Lavaredo Ultra Trail

The unexpected happens, plans change – and it’s all good at home in the world as it is. Three weeks after the 2-day/stage Ötscher-Ultra, we – three runner…