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20 sec China, Ep. 10: Li River Quarrel

On the Li River, where people come to enjoy the scenery of the famous limestone hills – except if they can’t quite enjoy it because something went wrong….

20 sec China, Ep.9: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

玉龙雪山, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is one of the famous scenic spots close by Lijiang in Yunnan. One climbs from 2500 m (8200 feet) and spring-like conditions to…

20 sec China, Ep.8: ChuYi Picknick

Chu Yi (初一) is the first day of a month in the lunar calendar. That day, New Year’s day. Traditionally, this is the time to visit ancestral graves…

20 sec China, Ep.7: Kunming Processions

Admittedly, China is usually good for lots of people… so also Kunming, where these images were gathered. in this short video, bringing in a contrast: The first impression,…

20 sec China, Ep.6: Staff Dancing

Note: Such role calls in front of stores or restaurants are quite common (actually, there was one happening at the next restaurant down the block), but public dancing…

20 sec China, Ep.5: Sanya Coast

Note: Sanya is *the* resort town on Hainan, with beautiful beaches, and therefore highly touristy. In this video, all that is literally in the background

20 sec China, Ep. 4: Photos at Tianya

Note: 天涯海角 (TianYaHaiJiao), usually translated simply as “the end of the world” is a famous location in China, popular with Chinese tourists.

20 sec China, Ep.3: Singing in Haikou

20 sec China, Ep.2: Shanghai Turnpikes