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Running Alpine Paths

Run the Planet, Ruin the World?

Trail running. Mountain ultramarathons. As you may have noticed (considering what I’ve been writing on all year), I find these activities to be among the greatest examples of an exploratory way of life.

It’s getting outdoors, getting into and doing something positive for the bodies we are, coming home in movement that lets all thought ebb away even as it carries to a deeper understanding of selves and locations. It’s so much.

It’s also a reason for and result of a love of wild nature – just what so many argue we’d need more of, in order to love and protect the world.

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Full (Vienna) Circle Into the New Year

How do you make yourself at home where you are, as you are, but with growth and learning?

For me, in 2012, this was very much about physical activity around the places where I live.

Often enough, truly around, seeing how I usually run in circles – and tried to circle around Vienna.

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Race #4: The Linzer Bergmarathon, a Phenomenology of Pain

Saturday, August 25 saw me at the mountain marathon in and around Linz (Linzer Bergmarathon).

It brought to a close the mountain marathon cup in Upper Austria, the set of three mountain ultramarathons I participated in this summer – and where Paul Auster describes his memoir as working on a “phenomenology of breathing,” it seems that this could be described as a phenomenology of pain.

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... to Ebensee...

Race #3: Around the Traunsee in the Bergmarathon 2012

Around Traunsee lake, over peaks and through valleys.

70 km distance, 4500 m altitude difference. Again.

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The Race Is On. #1: Vienna City Marathon

Exploring my environs while raising skills/capabilities is the rather more important (not-quite-)everyday reason for my running, but – at least this year – races bring some rhythm to that steady beat.

Last Sunday’s Vienna City Marathon started this year’s set of running events.

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Wienwanderweg (Vienna hiking path) markings

Vienna Circle Ultra-Marathon – Around Vienna in a Day

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is rich in history, well known for its culture and architecture, in an interesting geographical location between the flat area of the Hungarian Plains and the Alps – and the very hiking trails surrounding the city offer great views of the diversity.

The urban and the rural, the old and the new – a circle around the city shows all of it. And, of course, it is an opportunity for a test of endurance that Vienna does not yet offer: There is the well-known Vienna City Marathon, a mass event of the usual 42.195 km in the spring, but where ultramarathons are concerned, there is little.

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A map is not the reality, but...

Not Seeking Adventure, Circling the City

Only too many seek comfort and convenience, many seek excitement and experiences – and in light of all the great adventures of yonder and now, it seems like you are destined to seek and fail.

Where to find the money? How to handle other responsibilities? Why even bother when it won’t be the greatest story of recent memory?

The fact is, if you seek adventure, you are doing it wrong. You need to live adventure.

This is particularly true because it is easy nowadays to hunt after adventurous experiences in exotic locales, and end up skimming merely the surface of that tourist endeavor, doing just the same as everyone else there. At the same time, adventure can be lived in your backyard – and you will find what you are capable of, and get a new perspective on the place where you are.

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At the beginning of the ascent to the Traunstein

Bergmarathon 2008 Report

At the beginning of the ascent to the Traunstein

At the beginning of the ascent to the Traunstein

In 2007, after some time of regular running training, I decided to participate in 2008’s Bergmarathon “Rund um den Traunsee” (mountain marathon around Lake Traun).


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