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Runs, Races, Trails: Rome Marathon RunSeeing

Home, and Rome…

I’m a bit farther away, but it is one of the capitals of one of the neighboring countries, so there are connections.

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24H Burgenland Extreme, Speedily Slow

Long distance events don’t just give chance many an opportunity to strike in the form of accidents or physical discomfort, they also give the participant a long time to ponder.

January 22, 2016, the day before I would travel to Munich for the ISPO, saw the 24H Burgenland Extreme (official website, in German only) tour around the Neusiedler See lake take place for the fifth time.

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Trails of Spring 1: Winter’s Last Hold at the Traunsee

The passion for exploratory living does, admittedly, profit handsomely from some studies in contrast.

My personal practice for that (as you, my dear readers, may have noticed ;) ) are trips to the Traunsee in the Salzkammergut, Upper Austria.

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Beijing Marathon Tiananmen

Airpocalyptic Running – Beijing Marathon 2014

It’s a beautiful sunny day again, the concentration of airborne pollutants makes for an air quality index (AQI) coming in at only around 100… 25 is already considered the upper limit for health concerns, but for Beijing, 100 is very nice.

The weekend before last, strong wind had come through, and it had all been even better.

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Via Natura Ultra Trail Video

Back from the Bergmarathon around the Traunsee lake (once again), off to the OutDoor Friedrichshafen shortly, I finally put together a little video chronicling May’s Via Natura Ultra Trail (race report here, ‘high’ notes here, training – or rather, non-training – thoughts there). Instead of cutting together a Bergmarathon video, which will come later ;)

Still on through the Seetaler Alpen

Via Natura 100 Mile Mountain Ultra Trail Marathon

Writing the title as fully descriptive as the above seems an attempt to hit all the sweet key word spots of modern trail running – but how not? After all, this is – finally – the first 100 mile ultra marathon in Austria. And, it follows the uber-modern way of the MUT (mountain ultra trail) that Alpine trail runs have pretty much always followed…

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"Wir laufen andersrum"

The Linz Marathon for ‘the Other Team’

A straight white guy.

Not the usual person to stand up for feminism or gay rights. Not even the kind of person wanted in such movements, it often seems.

What am I doing even thinking about such “special interest” issues?

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Clouds Driven Up the Mountain

Backtracking from the Grossglockner

The Suunto Ambit2 (my tool of choice for an exploratory lifestyle to get at home) gets trackback – and sometimes, the power you need most is that to turn right back around…

My plans for this year’s running had included quitting with races and just going for runs on some hiking tracks that would circle around interesting places.

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3 in 30, the 1st: Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon

If “make yourself at home” means getting comfortable and lazy, someone failed to inform me. Or rather, I deliberately choose to ignore that all-too-common interpretation in favor of one that is more exploratory, exhausting – and rich in experiences.

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