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The Loushan Warrior Race in Zunyi, Guizhou: My Most Successful DNF

No story of a foreigner’s grand win at a local Chinese race from me. At the Loushan Warrior Race, I “only” managed 32 of 55 km.

It was memorable, nonetheless.

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Running the Chengdu Marathon

The Chengdu Marathon is in talks to become a seventh Abbott World Marathon Majors race; I’m unlikely to get into too many of the existing ones and unwilling to fly to a city just for a marathon – so I absolutely wanted to run here while working nearby.

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Prague Marathon: All Runners Are Beautiful

Prague. Beautiful city, from all I heard, only too close to Austria. So, I never visited. The Prague Marathon made for a good reason to finally remedy that. And to see the town in a different way from the usual tourist paths.

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Wachaumarathon Hills

The Wachau Marathon: Rapid Road Race Through World Heritage

Popular as marathons have become, they are usually in cities one first has to travel to. The Wachau Marathon is a fast road marathon, but it goes through the world heritage Wachau valley – and one can get to it in a very nice way…

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Alps Adventuring: Crossing Hell – Höllengebirge, Upper Austria

Sometimes, you just have to go through hell… or cross its peaks, when the hell you are talking about are the “hell mountains,” the Höllengebirge of Upper Austria.

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