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Veilance Spere LT Hoodie: Snuggly Summerweight Field Jacket

In the Spere LT Hoodie, the typically severe look of Veilance pieces such as the Gore-Tex Field Jackets meets a typically summerweight Terratex for a curious combination.

Veilance Deploy LT (Vapor)

For Veilance, the Deploy LT jacket of the spring/summer 2021 season is a very peculiar piece, particularly in the off-white Vapor color.

Veilance Haedn LT: Summer Suiting in High-Performance Wool

With the Haedn blazer, Veilance went for a look much more like standard, good, menswear. The silhouette is still much cleaner, much more minimalistic, than most of fashion….

A Veilance Anniversary Review: Style Sustainability through Performance and Durability

Veilance, now no longer “Arc’teryx Veilance,” will only tell you something if you are into performance menswear. Between the ups-and-downs of fashion, sustainability, and the question of personal…

Mammut Delta X and the Oddity of Techwear

The presentation of the Mammut Delta X collection at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen trade fair this year (2018) – and a Chinese tea ceremony set from Kingpool – provided…

Naglev Unico – One and Only Shoes

In a sea of new products at the 2017 edition of the OutDoor Friedrichshafen sports fair, it was the Naglev Unico shoes that somehow stuck out for me.

Icebug Now4 Review – Bomb (Cyclone) Sneakers

Sneakerhead I am none, more of the techwear-inclined: I like clothing that performs, in looks as well as function. Shoes for that are actually somewhat hard to find….

#SympatexHackathon Functional Jacket 4.0

We go outside to enjoy nature… but let’s admit it , we enjoy more than just nature.

Arc’teryx Veilance Pants of Summer: Align and Voronoi

Last year, making some regular money again and with a view towards a summer trip to China (to celebrate our wedding there, with the Chinese family, finally…), I…