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Review: Adidas Terrex “Speed Ultra” Trail Running (Racing) Shoes

Adidas provided me with a pair of the Terrex Speed Ultra, but even if they hadn’t, I would have bought them. After the Agravic Tech Pro, I wanted…

Review: Mammut Fast Hiking Gear – Sertig Shirt and Shorts

Mammut finally decided to leave trail running be. Alongside their better-known mountaineering rangem, though, they make gear for mountain fast hiking. With a main colorway in the black-and-white…

Review: Adidas Terrex (Agravic Pro) Trail Running Gear

Adidas offers quite a bit of trailrunning gear through its Terrex brand, with Agravic Pro (Parley) pieces: Terrex Agravic Pro TR T-Shirt and Shorts and Terrex Agravic Pro…

Impressions and Connections: Skeleton CasiOak G-Shock GA-2100

Most of the watches I wear and use are pretty big sports or outdoors wearables. Sometimes, though, something simpler is nice. Just as I was starting to wear…

Veilance Spere LT Hoodie: Snuggly Summerweight Field Jacket

In the Spere LT Hoodie, the typically severe look of Veilance pieces such as the Gore-Tex Field Jackets meets a typically summerweight Terratex for a curious combination.

Don’t Let Your Watch Teach You Bad Navigation Habits

The tools we use shape us. One aspect of sports/outdoors watches in which I have noticed this a lot is when it comes to navigation.

The Suunto 7 as Microexploration Tool

For my approach of microexploration – looking closer, learning more, getting at home in this world – I have been finding some of the disadvantages and problems of…

Veilance Deploy LT (Vapor)

For Veilance, the Deploy LT jacket of the spring/summer 2021 season is a very peculiar piece, particularly in the off-white Vapor color.

Rab Phantom Pull-On: Weather Protection for all the Skyline

In the Phantom Pull-On, Rab has created a peculiar ultra-lightweight option in their Skyline (mountain, trailrunning) line.