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Photography Reconsidered: #80Stays with Trey Ratcliff

Photography these days is in a strange place:

Everybody snaps so many pictures, they have lost all value.
So much is being done in Photoshop, there is little reality anymore.

And many photographers are among the most-followed people online.

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My Trusty Companion, Photographically: Sony RX100 (M2)

How my main camera is still a Sony RX100 MII, though it’s basically bent out of shape…

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Photography to Get at Home 5: Past and Present in Beijing

One of the great fascinations of photography is the insight into other places and other people’s lives that it gives.

Even in times of seemingly pervasive Photoshop-ing (and even given the long history of photographic fakery), there is a power to the photojournalistic image.

See: Dead Syrian refugee boy on Turkey beach.
But also, if you know of it: “How the Other Half Lives.”

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Rain Drops on Sichuan Pepper

(Macro)Photography to Get at Home 4

As photographers, things often become all about the big, impressive shots for us.

Dramatic landscapes, lit-up skylines, palaces and mountain peaks.

Forbidden City, Beijing

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Photography to Get at Home 3: Ye Olde Black & White

Black and white photography is something like the quaint, old, but also mysterious and possibly powerful grandpa in the happy-go-lucky family of modern photography.

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