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Collection/Connection: Fascination Japan, Art Forum Vienna

Japan tourism is booming – and the Fascination Japan still arises from its foreignness and the peculiarity of its culture. With Japan being seen as so different from the “West”, a Japanese influence on highlights of European art, works by artists such as Monet, Van Gogh or Klimt, surprises.

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Ganymed Nature: Vienna’s Art History Museum Coming to Life

What if you – or actually, modern artists- thought about nature as an actor? The nature found in classical works of art? To perform the thoughts, bring the art into a conversation?

You’d get Ganymed Nature, this year’s edition of the Ganymed art performances, bringing paintings to modern interpretive life.

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Experiment. Create. Improve. – My Motto for 2018

For 2018, it took me a while to decide and do a new motto, but I find it useful enough to go there – and as it was just my 40th birthday, it seems necessary to get somewhere.

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Winter is? What you make of it!

Christmas time, snow, the glitter of ice… As beautiful as we think?
Winter, cold, darkness… As ugly as we think?

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#GetAtHome Work: Arche Noah in Schiltern, A Lesson in Time

Another year, another May 1 I went out to support Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark, Austria’s society for the preservation of heirloom plant varieties) in their spring plant sale.

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#GetAtHome Challenge 02: Money

Money *is* always a challenge, no?

With me, another summer trip to China is in the books.
Last summer’s trip already had people ask how I could afford to travel like that…

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Hong Kong Distance Reflection

Living Between Cultures, or: What Cultural Relativism Really Is

The more people get together, the further they seem to be driven apart. Thinking fast, not with cultural relativism…

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Reflections on a Birthday

Another circle around the sun is done; one more and it will be a round number of them again.

Reason to celebrate?
I don’t know.

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Know Thyself, PET Scan Edition

I have never felt so not-depressed.

Being very Viennese in temperament – and by way of explanation, let’s just say there’s a reason this was the city where Freud found lots of issues to theorize on – a rather gloomy outlook comes natural.

I don’t want it to completely hold me back, though; I want to learn more (including about myself) and grow.

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