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#ItsGreatOutThere. Where You Are, Everywhere [Sponsored Post]

All those picturesque Instagram photos, adventurous Youtube videos… Depending on who you are, how you are, they can be tremendously inspirational or terrifyingly demotivational.

Those great outdoors, they aren’t often that great where we are. Or at least, they don’t seem that way.

You don’t need the Cascades or the Grand Canyon, alpine meadows or tropical forest – or, for that matter, picturesque cities and perfect conditions – to be active and discover that, in fact, it’s great out there.

Disclaimer: This post is part of an Outdoor Blogger Network campaign, and I’m getting a (small) payment for it… This does not influence the article as I maintain full editorial control of the content published on this site*.
And it’s one of the best campaigns I’ve found so far and am happy to participate in, given my focus here: I write and speak about these things, anyways…

For me, this campaign is particularly interesting because it puts the spotlight on the great outdoors, but it also made me more aware again of the ordinary outdoors and what makes them great, anyways.

I used not to like where I have been living for most of my life, particularly its outdoors.

Sure, I was running around here as a kid, but it was just the normal thing to do and it wasn’t a place to venture far, discover wilderness, have great experiences.

In fact, it seemed awful.

In all the “nature,” it is such an industrialized landscape. It’s windy just about all the time, and uncomfortably so. It’s flat and boring. There are plants I’ve developed an allergy to.

And then, I go out.

I have been venturing farther and farther – and gone the same circles for years – and discovered more and more. I’ve been out in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, with the sunrise, into the sunset, and through the night.

I’ve come to like it.

Stormy Sunset

It’s still great out there also when the “there” is a different place.

The mountains offer very different challenges, with all the climbing making things harder, but the views and the diversity of the ups-and-downs also making things easier than the relentless flat roads one can find here.

The bamboo forest and beaches of “my” parts of China, let alone the Great Wall, make for exciting views and an easy sense of adventure.

Haikou Beach Running

There is still a satisfaction in coming back to a place that may not fulfill ordinary standards of greatness, but that has come to be more truly home – and another place to say #ItsGreatOutThere, here, as well as “there” far away.

I hope you’ll join me. #BeActive

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Helicopter in front of Höllkogel

Taking Off to a Different View

An opportunity taken, the familiar landscape of the Höllengebirge seen from a different perspective…


Going to the Traunsee, up to the Feuerkogel – given how often I’ve been there, it seems like a walk around the neighborhood.

We don’t usually know our neighborhoods quite as well, aren’t as fully at home in them as we’d like to think, though – and when we get a chance to see them differently, their fascination immediately comes back to us, in ways we have forgotten about.

Most of the time, I’ll tell you to go for the psychology of different views:

Just go again, keep an open mind, learn more, and you’ll see and notice different things.

The weather changes, the seasons change, you change in your feelings and your knowledge, your views change.

This is how I do it myself. Most of the time.

Then, though, I got a note asking who’d like to help out handling the provisions for a mountain hut. A mountain hut I’ve gone past a few times on the way to the Höllkogel. A mountain hut that has to get those provisions by helicopter.

And the perspective on my common stomping ground changed, because I literally took off to a different view…

… and then, after a few hours of heavy lifting to get all the provisions in their proper places (and it was a lot of stuff, not the least of it the beer)…

… and finally, it turned out that the helicopter was stationed at Salzburg airport, meaning that there was a chance to fly along the Höllengebirge mountains and the area northwest of it…

… and over Salzburg itself.

Feste Hohensalzburg by Air

I had seen (and visited) Hohensalzburg castle a few times before, but never seen it like this, and I had stayed close by the airport before, but also never approached it and landed there.

After delays we’d had due to bad weather, this little adventuring came close on the heels of the Hochkönigman Marathon Trail race. That made it all the more tiring, but it was another one of those things where seeing a chance and taking it was well worth it.

Special thanks, therefore, to Daniel from the Rieder Hütte and to the crew of HTM Helicopter Travel Munich

htm helicopters

… and the question to you, my dear readers:

Do you let opportunities slip by, or will you take them as they come?

Stormy Sunset

Adventuring around Arche Noah, Schiltern

May 1 has been a while ago, but with an annual activity in a not-prominent but interesting place, I’m still thinking of the little at-home-making adventuring I did around that time.

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Bivy on the Sarstein

Sleeping High under a Blood(less) Moon

So, there was that “super moon” and “blood moon,” and I felt like adventuring under the moon again.

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(OR Helium) Bivy under Stars

Stories of Sleep on a Mountain

Last Saturday saw another edition of the mountain marathon around the Traunsee lake (Bergmarathon Rund um den Traunsee). Around the time I would finish that whenever I participated, I had instead arrived in the area, prepared food and gear, and was headed for the mountains.

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