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The Normality of 2020

2020 has felt far from normal. Yet, it is not a break with normality. It is a break with recent baselines and a return to what has been…

#LocalMountain in the Flatland: The Hundsheimer Berg

Is a local mountain worth exploring when it’s far away and not tall at all? How far away is it really, and how tall does it feel when…

Opposite Hallstatt: The Easy Sarstein Crossing, Less Simple

On the Eastern shore of the Hallstatt lake, north of the Dachstein massif, lies a mountain that often goes overlooked, the Sarstein.

Playing with Wolves

… in run-photography fashion, with the wolves sculptures by Liu Ruowang in front of Palazzo Pitti.

Wearables as #GetAtHome Tools

Wearables, especially for fitness, have risen tremendously in popularity – and often been criticized as trendy products that never deliver on their promise. Beyond health and fitness, I…

Suddenly Tibet: Shangri-la in Yunnan

Lijiang is known as something of a tourist trap (although, there’s something to be said for it), but if you are a cynic, Shangri-la takes the cake when…

Dali, Yunnan: Bai Kingdom between Mountains and Lake

Dali is one of those towns on the Tea-Horse Road which are quickly visited, somehow enjoyed – and hardly ever explored enough.

Ultimate Direction Hydro(Light) Skin Short Review

Summer runs can be a particular challenge. It’s good to carry a phone; summer heat means there’s a need to carry some water; I usually carry some camera…

Tourism and Tradition along the Tea Horse Road in Yunnan

Yunnan is one of China’s most diverse and distant provinces. And it has become one of China’s major tourist destinations. One of its main draws are cities along…