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Longji Hiking

Longji Rice Terraces Hiking, From Dazhai to Ping’an

The hike from Dazhai to Ping’an is a great way of getting to know the Longji Rice Terraces (near Longsheng, north of Guilin). If you want to go guided by your own GPS watch, here’s a GPX track for it, too!

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Longji Rice Terraces

The Golden Longji Rice Terraces in the Fall

One of Guangxi’s great draws, aside from Guilin and Yangshuo, are the Longji “Dragon’s Back” rice terraces near Longsheng.

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A Veilance Anniversary Review: Style Sustainability through Performance and Durability

Veilance, now no longer “Arc’teryx Veilance,” will only tell you something if you are into performance menswear.

Between the ups-and-downs of fashion, sustainability, and the question of personal style, it has been a fascination and favorite of mine.

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Golden Ginkgo Leaves and Sun

Chongqing – City of Fog, City of Hot Pot, Mountain City –and its sights, a series. This time, a seasonal sight: autumn Ginkgo leaf colors, sunlight, and what happens then.

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“Dragon Cliff City”: One Mountain, One Short Hike – Still Chongqing

Chongqing – City of Fog, City of Hot Pot, Mountain City – is still not much of a tourist town. It has its sights, though. In this series of short articles, I want to introduce some of them.

Here, a little mountain in the very south of the “city” area…

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