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The Ambit of an Exploratory Lifestyle

“I’m not impressed.” It is easily the ugliest modern attitude that gets expressed by this phrase. As an attempt at coolness and aloofness that does not result in…

A Renaissance of a Run: The Firenze Marathon

Venice was already a city of classical art, if not one of even more historical commerce, to run in. Florence is the peak of all that. And where…

Accelerating in Icebug’s Acceleritas5 RB9X. Running Shoe Review

Shoes are at least as exciting for the runner as they are for the stereotypical shoe-obsessed woman – if they are exciting. Icebug’s Acceleritas5 are.

Hochkönigman Marathon Trail (2016)

“The ‘What the F* Am I Doing That For?’ Feeling“… That’s the thought I got in my head in the middle of the Hochkönigman (Marathon Trail) race, which…

Suunto Kailash Review: Adventure Timeline-d [Updated]

Suunto has, for a while already, been right in that area of the sports and outdoors technology market where actual usefulness and luxurious aspiration collide.

ISPO 2016 Recap 2: Fitness and Connecting Tech

When it comes to the technological side of fitness things, I did not find much that was of the greatest interest at the ISPO 2016 – but maybe…

Suunto Kailash Preview

[Note that my full Kailash review is now live!] From thinking about death in order to think about better living, we go to considering the latest luxury Suunto…

Choice and Contentment… and the Suunto Customizer

It’s a strange thing with satisfaction in a world of seemingly unlimited choice: We tend to equate freedom with choice, and both with happiness, even in the marketplace….

Sleeping High under a Blood(less) Moon

So, there was that “super moon” and “blood moon,” and I felt like adventuring under the moon again.