Chongqing – City of Fog, City of Hot Pot, Mountain City –and its sights, a series. This time, a seasonal sight: autumn Ginkgo leaf colors, sunlight, and what happens then.

Chinese are not considered to be great nature lovers. Maybe because one hears of dog meat and tiger penises, maybe because of pollution and urbanization.

Well, not being far from an agrarian society does not, perhaps, make very romantic about nature. Although, traditional China was agrarian, was “hydraulic,” and already had an appreciation for mystic mountain landscapes…

Modern attitudes are easily as complicated. And easy to understand.

Sun, Warmth, Color

Case in point: A sunny day in winter, while the ginkgo trees show their golden autumn colors.

Yeah, seasons seem mixed here; it is winter already, but many trees are evergreens; ginkgo drop their leaves late, it’s not that cold yet.

Heating? Why Heating?

The mix can also be found in the situation of everyday life: This is the subtropical China south of (well, technically at) the Yangtze, so there is no heating in homes.

Temperatures still hover just above freezing, only rising to balmy temperatures when the sun is out. Outside. Rooms typically remain cold.

The Warmth…

When sun and warmth come together with the beautiful golden leaves, whoever can go outside, will go outside. Many, not just to enjoy the scenery, but to use it for (social media) photo shoots…