These sorts of posts are everywhere and oh-so-popular. The ones to tell you the countries you must visit, the cities and sights you must see, the five things to eat and ten things to do.

It is so easy to write and to understand something like that.

It seems so logical that seeing more of the world would make more worldly, more experienced and knowledgeable.

When I call for microexploration, at least the bit about exploration probably sounds like I, too, want you to go out into the wide world, find new places, discover the unseen.

Home is… Where?

Too bad we keep overlooking something in all that simple and aspirational advertising: How we are not at home in this world anymore.

You’ll probably be tempted to tell me that you have a home, you feel quite at home, thank-you-very-much.

Of course, what I want to argue won’t apply to everyone.

What does it mean to be at home somewhere, though?

I do not think it means jet-setting the world, visiting every country.

Do You Know Home?

I think it means an intimate relationship, a deep knowledge.

How many of us know our neighbors anymore?

Have walked the streets that surround them, and not just along the route they always take to work?

Know the plants that grow in the region, the animals that are around?

Where You *Must* Go!

In all that, here is the one “travel destination” that you absolutely need to go:

Your own, literal and/or metaphorical, backyard.
Your neighborhood.
The place you live in.

If you think it’s all boring and there’s nothing interesting, see if you can’t find a travel guide that tells you of something. And if it’s in a guidebook, if it attracts visitors, surely there must be something to it!

And if not?

Well, then you have even more of an interesting challenge on your hands! Perhaps the beginning of a true microexploration.

Fascination Everywhere

As someone with a bit of a background in botany, let me tell you that weeds in cracks can be quite diverse and interesting. (Just have a look at “Crime Pays, but Botany Doesn’t” on YouTube; see where and what he finds thanks to open eyes and an educated mind.)

People can be just as interesting. It doesn’t have to be Jackass antics. Where are people going and how? Dressed like what? One could spend days observing.

Peoplewatching. Speculating. Or just asking.

Still no idea? Find a book to learn more about something, train yourself to look closer, thanks to that knowledge.

#LookCloser, #LearnMore, #GetAtHome ;)