For 2018, it took me a while to decide and do a new motto, but I find it useful enough to go there – and as it was just my 40th birthday, it seems necessary to get somewhere.

My motto for 2017Don’t Fear. Get It Done! – went well and not; I feared less and did more, perhaps, but didn’t get done what I really would like to finally finish.

Not everything’s in your own power, though, and I did get to more experiences, more writing on the blogs, more videos – and those all got done, got out here.

So, not all bad, either.

Here goes, then, for 2018, for the Chinese year of the (earth) dog, for life progress:



Experimentation is all the rage among a certain fan-crowd, not least of Tim Ferriss. I’d love to say that I don’t mean it in his “human guinea pig” sense, but I’m afraid I do, at least in part.

So, “experiment” is to mean trying out more, taking chances and seeing what comes out of them.
But also doing it with data collection, to actually get at least some hard facts on what happened with it.

Somewhat different from how the lifestyle design-crowd means it, I mean “experiment” in a less self-centered way.
Oh, I fully intend to go on with my endurance and strength training, try out new things, and document what comes out of them.
But, when I decided to “experiment”, I was thinking rather less of training and learning than of growing plants, for food, in different ways and documenting what comes out of it, trying out more recipes, and finding out how much of our food, in what diversity, I could grow myself.


“Create” continues what I wanted to get done last year, but with more of an awareness that many things aren’t big projects to finish, many things are small things to – yeah, to create.

Blog posts, videos, finally at least one or the other of the books I’ve been working on – and all of it together.

“Create” is also a part of the motto because I haven’t typically seen myself as a creative but as more of a researcher and analyst… but the things I want to work on, in that regard, are creative pursuits, and there are results I need to create from such (independent scientist/scholar) work, or it’s nothing.


Everybody wants self-improvement, growth, movement, to ingest, digest… Sorry, slipped into the lines from the movie Limitless there.

Again, not necessarily, not only.

There are things where I want to improve. Not least, in experimenting and creating – and certainly, in not doing something of both in a haphazard way, and then having little to show for it. Rather, in connecting both, so that experiments create results and are planned from the beginning so that they will do that.

“Improve” is also meant to mark my return to “the ecology of happiness” and similar lifelong pursuits of mine which are all about making life more interesting, more satisfying, and more ecologically fitting – in terms of sustainability and in terms of the balance of our lives, of what we must do and what does us good.

In other words, all the experimentation and creating is not to be just to improve myself and my life situation, but to have an impact that improves more.

*Your* life, for example.