Winter is? What you make of it!

Christmas time, snow, the glitter of ice… As beautiful as we think?
Winter, cold, darkness… As ugly as we think?

We think?

It keeps being said that all depends on our attitude. As you think, so it will be.

As strictly as this idea keeps being put forth, I do not like it at all.
If, after hours in the cold, alone, you think that it were actually too hot, you are not blessed with a positive attitude, you are in the last stages of hypothermia.

All too often, though, we do not think so much, anyways, we just act and react.

It snows while we are sitting in our heated room or strolling through a Christmas market, we think that winter is beautiful.
Christmas time? Skiing in sunshine on fresh powder snow? Definitely so.

Sludge, let alone rain? Snow storm and cold? Green Christmas? And there we go complaining.

There is a truth to the idea that our attitude matters, of course. And winter time makes it particularly obvious.

What We Make (of It)!

What do we make of it, then? Let’s make the best of it!

In thinking, by not getting caught up in complaining. Let me tell you, as the Viennese I could claim to be, that everything is terrible anyways. And always beautiful, as well.

The cold can be exhausting; one has to learn to deal with it – but at least, there is something sensible to learn in that. And that learning leads into landscapes we do not often see like that. As few people get to see it.
Or more people than we may think. On wintery tours, one often encounters more people than one might expect.

And more interesting landscapes.

You do better think “How do I prepare right; what do I need to deal with the situation I will find myself in?” rather than “How bad is that going to be?” and everything, not just the winter, becomes much more interesting.

And you better see winter as an adventure.

Out into the cold, into storm, into the glitter of sunlight on snow and ice. Into white landscape and clear, bracing air. And who knows, maybe cold really helps health, helps lose weight, improves fitness, the way the fans of the Wim Hof-Method and similar ‘hardening’ think?

In practice, it’s even more important to make the best of any time.

Winter is a good time to remember that perhaps, we should sometimes lean out, not lean in. Take a step back, relax, get together a bit more with our loved ones. Enjoy sweets and spicy things, candles and Christmas aromas.

And get out, as well. Try how good our gear really is, our skills and fitness.
Run, for a change on slippery and deeper surfaces requiring more balance and dampening all steps. In conditions making it necessary that we listen more into ourselves, go slow, and get to see things in a different light.


Soon enough, we will also see the world awaken to a new year, continue on another turn, go on and change.

It’s all a chance to see how little we need to see interesting things and experience adventure. In times of climate change and our estrangement from nature and its cycles, it is high time we make ourselves at home again.

Including in winter.


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  1. running in the snow is so damn relaxing and helps me to mitigate the worst side of my character.

    merry xmas

    • Merry Christmas to you, too!

      I just wish we had snow again; that there looked good and then proved to be the usual exception, as usual in this part of Austria…

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