I’m not actually heading out into the mountains right now, but it’s time to finally show you one of my favorite “trails” there.

The idea of showing more of my usual trails in videos actually grew on me last year already… and then I promptly never put up the trail view video of what is easily the best-known and perhaps most interesting trail I’ve taken regularly:

The Naturfreundesteig up the Traunstein.

Now, for a trail runner like me, this is actually an interesting case.

The trail climbs up the mountain from just above the lakeside, along the Southwestern flank.

It’s the second ascent of the Bergmarathon (mountain marathon) around the Traunsee lake

… and you’d better not underestimate it.

The Metal Steps on the Ttraunstein ascent

This trail is not labeled a “Steig” without a reason; if this were any other place (or not so often used by locals which know it only too well), it would be called a Via Ferrata.

You can find the steel cables typical of those, meant for you to secure yourself into them, in quite a few places along this path; there are also quite enough passages where the climb up would truly be a climb if you weren’t pulling yourself up only on the cables, not hanging on the rock itself.

That said, those passages do not dominate on the Naturfreundesteig.

For the most part, it is but a hiking trail climbing up the mountain relatively slowly, but steadily, over rock, across some scree, but also along and through forested slopes.

There is the usual “problem” of such mountain paths: You can see the goal of your tour up much sooner than you actually end up there.

There is also the usual pleasure: Slowly as you may be making your way up, you climb quickly in terms of the views opening up beneath you.

Have a look:

There is no separate route all its own I can offer for this tour, but the “Natrfrndesteig”  to Traunstein section on the route below is the one shown in the video above…

Traunstein (Traunsee Ost)

Traunstein (Traunsee Ost), screenshot from Suunto Movescount

There is, of course, also the path down to show (which I’ll do shortly)… and then there’s a path around which will soon become a topic, also because a race along that trail is planned for this fall ;)