My adventuring this spring continued with a last time out to help with the spring plant sales of Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark, Austria’s society for the preservation of heirloom plant varieties).

Just Work…

I was in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt with those (hardly anything to write about there), at the HQ of Arche Noah in Schiltern just last week, and now in Rotholz in Tyrol.

My poor wife ( :-p ) had to do without me again, and I went for the best compromise I could:

Going out and calling it an adventure (hence: “adventuring“), doing something a little out of the ordinary.

Then working at the plant sale, seeing what the Tyroleans are up to when it comes to the chile peppers, and heading right back home asap.

… and #Adventuring

That something #adventuring, out of the ordinary?

Going to Jenbach (closest railway station on a major line, just 2 or so kilometers away), the day before, to be there in time the next morning.

But also, to head uphill into the forest, into the night, past the ruins of Rottenburg castle.

And to (somewhat illegally) spending the night in my bivy, somewhere in that same forest.

In true #GetAtHome fashion, this was nothing to travel-blog about. It hardly even counts as an outdoors adventure.

And yet, there was quite a bit of learning and experiences involved.

After all, I did get to see the remains of a castle I would never, otherwise, have gone to.

Rottenburg Ruins

Rottenburg ruins from the path leading there

Rottenburg Castle Ruins

Why would anyone go here? It’s just some ruins, nothing worth traveling far to get to.

And yet, they are the ruins of a castle which used to be the seat of a local dynasty.
Local, in this case, having extended through the Inn river valley into Southern Tyrol, and with rulers whose origins lay in Bavaria.

Getting to be connections enough, no?

And then, I was walking on a small part of Austria’s Saint Jacob’s Trail (which would, much farther along in Spain, become the Camino de Santiago)…

Tyrol’s only saint (saintess?), ergo *their* holy figure, Saint Notburga, worked in that castle and for those lords, too.

Before she was thrown out because they were annoyed with all the good deeds she was doing while she was supposed to just serve her masters, anyways…

With a bit of history, and (again) a sense of adventure, the little hike was full of interesting views. The climb up the mountain there was nice little uphill training, too.

Into the Night

Above Rotholz, Into the Night

Above Rotholz, Into the Night

All just in search of a good place to settle down for the night.

Bivy season really is on, it seems, and slipping into a sleeping bag above the lights of ordinary civilization was good.

Bivy Above the Inn Valley

Bivy Above the Inn Valley

Another night ended looking up and seeing Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) between trees, waking up to bird song the next morning, and to sunrise views.

Rotholz (Inn Valley) In the Morning

Rotholz (Inn Valley) In the Morning

Getting Home

It was a good night, nice work – and it made me happy to return early to my own bed and my wife, to an easy way of cooking, of washing, and all that.

To what we think of as civilization (when we don’t get all caught up in computers and smartphones).

It’s a value and an accomplishment, that civilization.

When you have the experiences that make it clear that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be when it forgets about the outdoors and the wild side we need and have.

And that it’s great.