When Mammut was looking to provide some people in the German-speaking area with a high Klout score (yep, they had still been using that) with a pair of their shoes to test, back in the spring of 2015, I’m pretty sure they were looking for some immediate support for their PR.

That’s not from me; I much prefer doing long-term testing and then recommending a piece of gear only if and when I have found it to fit my definition of good gear – but they delivered.

With a shoe model that is by now, 1-2 years later, already hard to get… except when it isn’t. I still haven’t figured that out completely.

I’m not usually a fan of true hiking boots, but Mammut’s Comfort High GTX Surround have proved enticing.

I put them on, and they fit pretty comfortably at once; I went into the mountains with them, and there were zero problems with the fit and comfort.

Mammut Comfort High GTX

Well, I did feel a stone in the arch of my (mid)foot.

The exact point where Icebug’s Zeal with its/their “Holy Grail Midfoot Cradle Technology” is protective like no other running shoe I’ve ever worn, the Mammut Comfort High has a section with only the light upper.

So, that one stone did manage to poke through uncomfortably.
Roots probably could, too.

That’s the extent of the problems I’ve experienced, though.

The Gore-Tex Surround membrane really does seem to work great at keeping one’s feet dry from moisture outside, while breathing so well that one’s socks and feet don’t get wet from sweat in ‘payment’ for that.

Outside Magazine had featured the Mammut Comfort High among their Best Trail Shoes of (Summer) 2015, already, and they work well all across the seasons.

Thing is, they look like they are bulky boots which must be hot and heavy, but the combination of the Gore-Tex Surround membrane and, for the most part, ripstop nylon makes them very comfortable and comparatively light for the high and – apart from the one ‘problem’ mentioned above – protective, as well as supportive, boots that they are.

Mammut Comfort High GTX

Sure, for fast and light adventurings, I would go with trail running shoes instead, but adding a slightly heavier backpack and an outing meant to be less fast and longer, these aren’t just the Comfort High model, they are High Comfort indeed.

I wouldn’t take them on multi-day tours over technical terrain, but hikes and romps through the snow have been very nice in them.

Only problem is that now, I’d be very interested in knowing what else Mammut has been making of the Raichle know-how they bought when they took over that company.

All the more so since I love to recommend products I’ve been using for a long time, but the greatest interest usually goes to those which are new.

On that note, I’ll be at the ISPO Sports Industry Fair from Sunday… ;)